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Organizations in Germany:
Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation: acitve both within Germany and abroard by funding projects and with own projects.
Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe e.V.: supporting cleft operations of children in nine countries with more than 3.600 operations a year.

Organizations in other parts of the world:
Fundación Khanimambo: Probably one of the most dedicated people. Active at the "Praia do Xai-Xai" where I lived a couple of years.
IDEA Foundation and IDEA Foundation Facebook: The IDEA Foundation is focussing on inclusive eduction in Pune District, Maharashtra, India. Photos on this website were taken by me in 2012 in a project of IDEA Foundation in Hadapsar, Pune, by courtesy of IDEA Foundation.
Fundación Segunda Etapa: Solidarity is the tenderness of people. Inclusive education can be so vivid and tender.

Humanitarian Assistance:
Code of Conduct: Basic principles for humanitarian aid that serves all people.
Rolle von Hilfsorganisationen in kriegerischen Konflikten (in German only)


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