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Experiences - Andreas Wenzel Consultancy

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Planning processes are strongly dependent on the context in which they are performed. Also the implementation of projects in countries that are characterized by great poverty or war and crisis situations, is more complex because there are much more success influencing variables.

  • 4 years human rights work, including the European Parliament.

  • 15 years of design and implementation of projects, mainly in Africa.

  • 3 years project management with a focus on inclusive education.

Geographical focus

  • Africa (including Rwanda, Mozambique, South Africa, Sudan, Malawi, Angola, Guinea-Bissau)

  • Asia (India inter alia)

  • Latin America (including Cuba, Argentina and neighboring countries)

Project management from Germany, hence possible training visits to organizations in Europe. Project site visits outside Europe, workshops on project management and financial management.

Support for the application and management of public funds, such as the BMZ and the EU.

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